About Evan McCormick

In 1994, I began to work hands-on with people at a free clinic in New York. Assisting and being present up to their death, there I found touch to be one of the most relieving forms of medicine that could alter and/or take away incredible degrees of pain. Those experiences initiated me into the mysteries of what allows pain to change, what enhances our quality of life and how "spirit" is essential to integrated well being.

Now intrigued by hands-on work, I moved to Los Angeles and became certified to practice massage therapy. I also had the privilege to study with numerous teachers whose enthusiasm for the body helped shape my persectives and philosophies on health.

Since the years have passed, I have found Medical Qi Gong, Manual Therapy, Acupressure and other therapies very complimentary when forming a treatment plan with clients.

Please feel free to call or email me to further inquire about my services.

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